How to be Successful with Google Search Marketing

02/13/2014 08:04

Google is using a no prisoners approach when it finds out about bad links and backlinks. They are not happy about people using SEO, but they know that they are powerless to stop it. What has become even more important now is the quality of your backlinks. Google is constantly disapproving of particular links. This did not just start because this has always been the case. Even the things that worked one year ago are not effective these days. The goal is now to obtain authority links from a varied amount of websites.
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There are only a few online directories that are worth anything. These are the directories that have been around the longest like Yahoo an DMOZ. It is very difficult to get a DMOZ listing. So try to find other directories that you can get listed in. This will make your site seem more credible, which will build its authority. The greater number of niche directories that you get into the better you will look. However, stay away from the ones that are low quality.

Content syndication is an effective approach that is somewhat like search marketing. It really does not have much dealings with article directories. But, you might want to consider placing your articles on some of the top ones. When opting for article syndication, use articles that are good and are longer than the average article. But, you also want to use this content on your site. Then look around for other places where you can put it into syndication. The goal is to have your article be number one in the search engines. Or have articles that are published on other websites.

Working on your search marketing at Google means you really have to keep up with what's new and happening. You know what has to be dealt with and what the cards are; so just make your decision about it. You may have heard or know that the old type of crappy backlinks do not work with brute force. Just try to get as much control as you can and then serve them what they prefer.

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